Tea-Pot Medicated Teas
Tea-Pot Herbal Medicated Teas
50 mg Total. Includes a pack of five 10 mg bags.Warm up with tea-pot full flavored herbal teas. You’ll love these smooth, inviting flavors infused with CO2 cannabis extract.

Delicate sweet raspberries are layered with exceptional black tea, providing a full flavored cup with the perfect subtle sweetness.

Orange Cinnamon Spice
Enjoy a medley of vibrant orange zest mixed with rich cinnamon spice. Beginning with a warm, full flavored black tea, shavings of orange peel add sweetness, while savory cinnamon stimulates the orange flavor for exceptional taste!

Crimson Berry (Decaf)
Indulge in superb sweetness! Currants, elderberries, and cranberries create a blend of sweet red fruits mixed with the unique flavors of rosehips and hibiscus. Together with red rooibos, you’ll enjoy a deep red cup that is sweet, fragrant, and caffeine free.

Brewing Instructions:
For the perfect cup of tea pour approx. 6 oz. hot water over tea bag. Steep 4 to 6 minutes or to preferred taste. Serve hot.